Poolmeister is an annual bracket contest benefitting several central Ohio charities.

Last year, there were over 1800 brackets entered.
First prize was $1913 on a $5 bracket!

Ideas, comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Selection Sunday is March 15, 2020. The pool will open that night. See you then!

Announcement Board
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COVID19 Update

Rest assured that Poolmeister will continue as long as the games are played, even if there are no crowds. Poolmeister is a 100% online activity, so unless your computer has a virus, you should be at no risk (except of course for the $5 entry fee)!


In the unanticipated event that the entire tournament is cancelled, all participants will be given the option of a refund or to simply donate their entry fee. If there is no reply to the option request, fees will be automatically refunded 2 weeks after the cancellation announcement. If any games are played, tournament standings at the time of cancellation will be considered final.

Poolmeister is an individual effort to increase enthusiasm for the March Madness basketball tournament while raising money for several Central Ohio charities. Poolmeister is not endorsed by or affiliated with the NCAA.
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