Poolmeister History


The pool got its beginnings when I was in college at Purdue.  It was a small pool then, with only about fifty people playing each year.   During medical school, the pool slowly grew, but the dramatic expansion took place during my residency at Columbus (now Nationwide) Children's Hospital.

The first year at Children's was 1992 (I skipped the pool my intern year), and 287 people entered.  In an effort to downsize, I raised the entry fee from $1.00 to $5.00.  The next year, Ohio State had a good team, and 285 people entered.  It was then that I realized the pool was a "runaway train".  Last year, almost 1800 entries were received.

20% of all entries gets donated to our charities. Since its local start, approximately $119,600 in prize money and donations has been paid out. 5% each year has been donated to the hospital, and in 2009, several other charities were added.  Of course, nobody has won any of that if they didn't enter.

Good Luck!!



2020 - YOU??

2019 Val Garner

2018 Nicholas Pennino

2017 Jay Myers

2016 Stacey Fisher

2015 Jeff Roehrenbeck

2014 Debbie Barber

2013 Danny Titus

2012 Missy Lawrence

2011 Mark Hall

2010 Ryan Splitt

2009 Kevin Shkolnik

2008 Tom Hayes

2007 Alan Bassik

2006 Anna Wolak

2005 David Griffin

2004 Brian Followell

2003 Stacy Kusma

2002 Jessica Philpott

2001 Mary Lou Briner

2000 Jerry Foy

1999 Robert Gilliland

1998 Lee Budin

1997 Butch and Sherry

1996 Sheila Huffman

1995 Steve Teich

1994 Deb Campbell

1993 Mike DiSantis

1992 Tom Lloyd