Frequently asked questions


What if games are cancelled due to COVID19 or any=other reason?

Rest assured that Poolmeister will continue as long as the games are played, even if there are no crowds. Poolmeister is a 100% online activity, so unless your computer has a virus, you should be at no risk (except of course for the $5 entry fee)!


In the unanticipated event that the entire tournament is cancelled, all participants will be given the option of a refund or to simply donate their entry fee. If there is no reply to the option request, fees will be automatically refunded 2 weeks after the cancellation announcement. If any games are played, tournament standings at the time of cancellation will be considered final.


At least one participant has noticed a missing entry. If your entry is missing, it's possible you did not click the SUBMIT PICKS button at the lower left after choosing the games. If you did not ever see THIS ENTRY CONFIRMED SCREEN, your entry was not submitted. There is unfortunately no way to recover these picks, as they were never saved. If this is your circumstance, please complete the form on THIS PAGE, and I will refund your entry fees paid for the missing brackets. 

How can I see my picks?
If you selected "Email my picks" when you entered your bracket, you should have received them. If you didn't receive them despite clicking the box, check your SPAM folder (some email providers don't like us). All brackets will be posted on the BRACKETS tab once the tournament begins. Poolmeister will not be able to retrieve and send individual brackets to participants. 

How do I edit my picks?
You can not edit your bracket once you submit it. To change your picks, enter a new bracket with the IDENTICAL entry name, and your newest bracket will replace your earlier one(s). 

How do I know if my picks were successfully submitted?
When you submit your bracket, you should be taken to a confirmation screen describing the payment process and other options. If you got to this screen, your bracket was submitted successfully. Also, if you selected "Email my picks" when you entered your bracket, you should have received them (see above). 

How do I know if my brackets are matched up with my payments?

When you entered your bracket(s), you entered a specific Entry Name(s) and your email address. When you paid, you listed the entry name(s) you were paying for. As long as the entry name(s) match and you paid for the correct number of entries, you'll be fine. If you're not sure you did that correctly, you can look at your PayPal receipt, or log in to your PayPal account if you used one, and check your activity details.

Someone else shares my Bracket name. Can I change my bracket name?

Occasionally, participants choose the same entry name. That is why you must also enter your email address with each entry. If you believe that has occurred, it can be fixed, so just email Poolmeister to let us know. 

I entered but I did not donate yet. How do I donate?
A donation of $5 per entry must be made to PM Charities, and the name of the entry must be listed on the donation. To be eligible for prizes, this must be done by Thursday at 12:15 pm ET. Click on PAY OR DONATE and follow the guidance from there.

How do I know you got my payment?
When you pay online, you get an immediate receipt with the donation information and the entry name(s) you paid for. Hang on to this email in case of issue. You can also log in to your PayPal account if you used one, and check your activity details.

Poolmeister is an individual effort to increase enthusiasm for the March Madness basketball tournament while raising money for several Central Ohio charities. Poolmeister is not endorsed by or affiliated with the NCAA.
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